Great places you should visit in Amsterdam

How would you react to a chance of getting married for a while in a strange city or town to a local, for a short period of time so as to get a chance to visit that place adequately? Well, that is how the city of Amsterdam is currently handling the influx of tourists to avoid disruption of normal lives which has resulted from over-tourism. Sounds unreal right? Well, this is not one of the many unfounded stories you have come across, but the reality of what to expect should you choose Amsterdam as your next touring destination.

You will understand that this initiative was not started to fail when you learn that the not legal marriages come with a small wedding ceremony including vows, rings and of course ceremonial outfits. What follows thereafter is a “honeymoon” which is the hallmark of Amsterdam visit. Your supposed spouse will take you around the least known and visited parts of Amsterdam city and create memories together while at it. That would make a very unforgettable experience especially if your choice of spouse makes a very compatible touring partner. Some of the less known places you can expect your spouse for the day to take you within Amsterdam include:


If you are a science and biology loving kind of person, a museum of microbes would definitely excite you. Who wouldn’t want to see or witness that which cannot be seen by the naked eye? A visit to this museum will definitely give you an experience worth remembrance where microbes are concerned.


Attending a live event or going for a movie night in a bunker sounds fun, right? Well, this is the case for Vondelbunker. It is situated in Vondel Park where you can expect all sorts of social and equally fun events in terms of music and cinema. This bunker experience ranging from band nights, theatre performances to art shows would definitely count as one of the best Amsterdam experiences.

Electric Ladyland

Does the idea of visiting a fluorescent art museum excite you? If your answer is yes, this Jordaan, Amsterdam situated museum would definitely make the cut. The 1999 founded museum presents minerals, art and other items shine under ultraviolet rays. Be ready for a fascinating and colourful venture in a space full of all the vibrance you could imagine of in terms of fluorescent colors.

Ons’ Lieve Heer Op Solder

If you would like to focus more into Amsterdam’s past or history, a visit to this historic museum would turn out to be a great idea. This townhouse showcases a room that once served as a hideout for the catholic practitioners who had to practice their religion in secrecy since it was an outlawed religion practice back in 1660’s.

By ‘marrying’ and Amsterdammer for the duration of your visit to the city you can expect to get a lot more value from your trip. Remember, your partner will be a local who is privy to all the unique points where many tourists never get to.