Russian airline designates plane seats for passengers who refuse to wear masks

Ever since the early days of the Coronavirus, one of the safeties which were put into place has been the wearing of masks in public. Wearing masks not only filters what comes in, but mainly filters what goes out. However, almost since the inception of wearing masks, people have refused to wear them, saying it infringes on their rights or that it should be illegal.
Regardless, one area where mask enforcement is difficult is flights, since airplanes can’t just kick people off mid-flight. Aeroflot, one of Russia’s main airlines, has created a designated space for those who refuse to wear masks.

Time out corner

Aeroflot announced recently that there will be a designated space on the flights for those who refuse to comply with mask rules. To be clear, wearing a mask is required at all times, except when eating, drinking, or changing masks. However, enforcing this rule is proving difficult, not just on Aeroflot planes, but on other airlines the world around.
Delta airlines has already handed out 250 lifetime bans for passengers who wouldn’t wear a mask, and other airlines have had to return to the boarding gate to have passengers forcibly removed who would not wear masks. Aeroflot has not yet commented whether or not they will be issuing bans or other punishments in addition to passengers being moved to certain areas of the plane, but it is a distinct possibility.

Travelers beware

It is important during this time to not let care slip in the face of a rapidly deployed vaccine. The Coronavirus is not done just yet and it can rear its ugly head in any place. When flying, make sure to show compassion and care to those around you. Try to minimize the removal of a mask as much as possible. On shorter trips, it is recommended to refrain from taking the mask off altogether, since it is not too much of a burden. On longer flights, plan one or two instances for eating or drinking, and quickly keep the mask on.
Ultimately, it is likely that wearing masks in public will last for a little longer, even after a vaccine becomes widespread, a simple but effective way to keep others safe. So, for travelers during this time, make sure to act safely for the sake of yourself and all those around you.