New Zealand offers ‘mystery breaks’ to lure travelers back

New Zealand offers ‘mystery breaks’ to lure travelers back

Amidst the lockdowns because of Coronavirus, New Zealand has presented itself as a sort of goal for most countries. They have contained the virus so well that they currently have no restrictions for their citizens. However, due to being nearly isolated from the rest of the world due to the lockdown, many citizens are feeling a little stir crazy and are looking to travel. In a time where travel is one of the largest questions, in terms of possibility, Air New Zealand has changed it into a slightly more pleasant question: Where?

Throw a dart at a board

Starting at a little under $600 AUD ($423 USD), Air New Zealand is offering three tiers of comprehensive, all inclusive travel to mysterious locations. They will tell you two days before the flight where you have been booked at. The three tiers are Great, Deluxe, or Luxury, each being more expensive than the former. At a time when many New Zealanders want to travel, but are prohibited from doing so from a majority of countries (without having to face quarantine, that is!), one of the only viable places to look for travel is inward.
And they are doing just that. Air New Zealand is pairing with hotels and car rentals to make sure everything is included in the package. For those who are a little nervous, or who want to avoid duplicate vacations, they are allowed to place one location on the list that they would not want to vacation at.

Keep it secret, keep it safe

In this trying time, some even suggest that the government could have a role to play in generating local tourism for those who rely on the industry. There have been suggestions that each citizen of the country could be provided with a 200 dollar voucher for domestic travel. What this means for travelers in New Zealand is that, in the near future, other lucrative and tempting offers might be made to help alleviate that itch that only travelling can fix.

Furthermore, it may be wise to save up those vacation days at the end of the year, so that you can sneak in one final holiday. After all, who knows what next year will be like? The only certain thing is that, when midnight strikes on New Year’s Eve, we’ll all happily bid 2020 goodbye.