Many travellers wondering: to vacation or not to vacation?

Many travellers wondering: to vacation or not to vacation?

It cannot be said that many Americans do not want to travel. They do, it is just they have high concerns about whether or not they can do it safely. In the wake of the Coronavirus, and faced with a growing population of individuals who belligerently disregard safety precautions, many wonder if it is even safe for them to travel at all. And those that are traveling are planning their trips in a much different way than years past.

Should I stay or should I go?

Two reputable surveys lead to the concern for whether or not Americans will end up traveling for the holidays this year, or indeed, the beginning of the next. A recently done AAA survey indicates that at least 67% of Americans are concerned about what travelling would look like for them this year. Another survey, conducted by Travelocity, indicates that over 50% of Americans have concluded that it just isn’t safe for them to travel this holiday season. This does not bode well for the hospitality industry, which is still trying to recover from missing the entirety of their peak travel season. Receiving some customers for Thanksgiving or Christmas would do a little to staunch the wound. However, there are some who want to travel, but where they go is a little different than usual.

Ditch the big city

Many travelers are indicating that they want to travel to areas with more outdoor activities and with socially distant options. This follows a trend that many travel companies noticed since March. Those who choose to travel are likely to do it by car, are likely to aim for someplace not in a city, and a place where Coronavirus will not significantly impact their stay. Two new places have appeared on the travel top ten, including Keystone, the entrance to Mount Rushmore, and Colorado, home of the Rockies and Grand Canyon. Not only that, but there are a few beach locations that have risen in popularity, even if they have not appeared on the top ten list. With many people looking to travel this holiday season, in a last ditch effort to use those paid vacation days, many will be flocking to the woods and beach this year. What this means for other travelers is that they should do their booking fast, unless they want their beach chair stolen from under them.