Delaware: A new Instagram-friendly driving trail spotlights local artists

Image: Michael S. Williamson/The Washington Post

As a third wave of Coronavirus threatens most of the United States, travel and exploration seem as distant as the horizon. However, not everyone is letting themselves be hindered by the virus. Delaware, in a bold move by its Tourism Department, has created a new, socially distant road trip experience. This new experience is completely safe, and can take the visitors to brand new places, as this road trip focuses on nine murals that can be found across the state.

Vibrant colors

The entire idea for the set of murals stemmed from a Nashville Mural made in 2016 by Kelsey Montague. Those wings are best known because of a Taylor Swift song a few years later. Needless to say, murals and art displays can be a big draw for tourism, especially in a time where such public art puts visitors at no risk to go and see. Delaware is attempting to capitalize on Montague’s ingenuity, while adding a bit of their own.
Some of the topics of the murals are dolphins on a sunny day and sands on the beach, fields of flowers such as Azaleas or Sunflowers, and paddling down a local river. However, the brief descriptions hardly do these pictures justice, and they should certainly be seen in person.

Drive on down

Delaware’s Tourism Board has encouraged those who want to get out to consider visiting the new set of nine murals. One reason is because all of the murals are outside, and in areas that would allow visitors to space themselves apart in a comfortable manner. Another reason is because of the state’s small stature, compared to some other states. While a tour of murals in another state might take days, the distance between the northernmost and southernmost murals is no more than 100 miles. This makes for a pleasant day trip possible for those in states such as Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.
So, if you are looking for something to do on a weekend, and are looking to get out and about, feel free to explore the Delaware Murals. In addition to the paintings, the Tourism Board will send paint kits to anyone who visits four or more of the murals. Not only that, but the Tourism Board has included places to dine or visit when seeing each mural, allowing travelers to customize their visit to suit their tastes.