Chile leads winners at 2020 Latin America World Travel Awards

Chile leads winners at 2020 Latin America World Travel Awards

The World Travel Awards is a global imitative to recognize and award countries that have gone above and beyond in curating a positive and memorable traveling experience, not only for the tourists, but for the local communities as well. Ever since the 1990’s, the World Travel Awards are seen as a way to indicate which destinations are worth traveling to and why. In 2020, the World Travel Awards revealed the coveted position of best destination in Latin America. Chile was the overall leader, winning awards for the stunning beauty of the country. But this country is just one of many on the list of must see destinations for Central and South America

Ancient roots

Latin America is home to the relics and sites of many ancient societies. Historical significance permeates the land, making it almost as flavorful and rich as the cuisine. While Chile was voted as the “Leading South American Destination,” many other countries have certainly left their mark and show promise for potential travelers in the 2021 season.
Mexico won several awards, such as best beach, most attractive city, most romantic destination, and most adventurous destination. This means Mexico itself could prove a great country for trips lasting one or two weeks, with brief stops in many of the “go to” locations. A simple read through of the different awards given to the country would allow travelers to curate their experience to their specific needs.

Urban paradise

Beaches and nature are not the only experiences that Latin America has to offer. The locations of Guayaquil, Ecuador and Santiago de Cali, Columbia, are just two of the locations that were given awards for being upcoming tourist destinations. Ecuador also walked away with a reward for the best city hotel, found in their Guayaquil Wyndham Hotel. Those looking for a truly unique experience need look no further than Peru’s CIRQA Relais and Châteaux, a hotel set in a medieval monastery surrounded by snow capped volcanoes. For those looking for true scenery, while not sacrificing their comfort, then CIRQA will be the prime location.
What this all means for future travelers is two things. The first is that travel to Latin America has never been better! Many destinations continue to improve and develop, even in the midst of COVID 19. However, the desire for travel has never been greater and it is a good idea to book soon.