Things you should bring back from your trips abroad

If it’s not already expensive enough to travel abroad, you always get the odd loved one who requests a vacation souvenir. Half joking and half being completely serious, they’re actually demanding a gift out of pure jealousy that you’re leaving them for two weeks! The cheek of it. Usually, this demand for gift-buying results in a frantic search for the cheapest thing you can find in the duty-free store before your flight back – after you spent two weeks having too much of a good time for you to remember to bring anything back.

Well instead, how about taking some time to bring back something actually really great and sentimental for someone. Plus, sometimes it’s nice to bring back memorabilia for yourself. Here are some ideas for the best things you can bring back from trips abroad.

Things you should bring back from your trips abroad

Local cuisine

You can’t go wrong with food and drink, can you? Something to eat can light up anyone’s eyes really – so why not bring back some of the local’s best tasting cuisine. We’re talking chocolates, sweet treats, coffee, naughty beverages, or even some spices and seasonings. Remember though. We’re not talking anything that needs refrigerating or things that can spoil. Plus, check that the travel legislations allow you to bring it back over the border!

A fashion statement

One of the best things about going on vacation is the freedom to wear whatever whenever you want – floral print shirt to dinner? Sure! So why not go all out and bring back some of the funky local attire for you to add to the wardrobe – printed t-shirts are always fun. It will also be hilarious to see your friend’s face when you hand them their new pink straw hat as their gift.

Meaningful postcard

If you’re struggling to think of what you can buy as a gift, you could always play it safe and send them a postcard telling them how much you love and miss them and how you wish they were here with you. I mean who doesn’t enjoy receiving a postcard from paradise telling you how much fun they’re having while you’re stuck in the office on a horrible winters day?

Things you should bring back from your trips abroad

The classic tacky memorabilia

Most major tourist destinations around the world thrive on trying to sell you their gifts and souvenirs – and actually, when you look past the garbage at the gift shops, you can find some really cool memorabilia for you to cherish. Why not embrace the tackiness and bring home that beautiful shell necklace the shop-assistant told you looked beautiful on you.

The best memories

You don’t always need to bring something back for you to remember how much of a great time you had – making precious memories and taking in the new sights and sounds is the best gift for you to bring back for yourself. Always take lots of photographs and embrace every second.

So, on your next vacation when you’ve just remembered to pick up the fresh spices your friend requested, spare a little thought for the sucker who’s on their frantic search at the duty-free airport store. Plan ahead guys!