How to make the most of the duty-free sections at airports

If you’re coming back from a mind-blowing vacation, filled with once in a lifetime experience, then you probably need some duty-free retail therapy to ease the pain of going back home and returning to your everyday routine. For some, duty-free can be new and exciting, causing people to impulse buy items they don’t need or potentially even want! However, many people aren’t sure how to navigate the world of duty-free and can sometimes end up buying unnecessary items that weren’t quite as much of a bargain as they thought.

Currency is key

Many duty-free experts have emphasized that the currency exchange rates play a crucial role in how much your money is really worth. It might seem obvious at first, but many duty-free shops enjoy shoppers who may be unwittingly paying more for items they can buy cheaper back home, just because their home currency has a weaker exchange rate than their destination currency. There are plenty of websites that can show you the current exchange rates, or if you’ve left it until the last minute; there’s always the airport’s exchange rates. These things generally have a higher chance of success when appropriately planned.

How to make the most of the duty-free sections at airports

Be savvy with your purchases

It’s not just currency you need to be aware of, but also the items in question. Some items will incur a higher cost-value ratio than some others. For example, according to Cheap Flights, luxury items such as watches, handbags, and sunglasses may not make you any savings at all; instead, they may cost you more! If there’s a particular brand you know of in the airport, then doing a quick online search for retail prices will help you to make a more informed decision. Some travelers have found considerably better savings in their local supermarket even without duty-free.

Here’s the best news

While it’s still probably better for you to purchase take-home souvenirs from your holiday destination, there are many items that you can buy which will incur great savings! Some of the best categories to buy duty-free can be food, drink, chocolate, and confectionary. For many, those items are all you need! Is there a better way to end any vacation, with all the food and chocolate you can think of?

Don’t go too crazy

Some may forget that there is a personal duty exemption, but it isn’t limitless. However, if you are traveling with family members, this exemption can be combined – even for children. So, it is probably wise to use as much of that waiting time as you have to scan through each department slowly you’re interested in; a good bargain shouldn’t be rushed.

How to make the most of the duty-free sections at airports

The airport shopping experience is indeed a unique one, sitting amongst busy travelers anticipating their next vacation, or perhaps seeing business people going to their next international meeting. Duty-free items change on destination too; it’s been reported you can even purchase some fine art at one! Whatever your destination, duty-free tends to follow unwitting travelers wherever they go; but if you keep it simple and savvy, you can take advantage of duty-free and make some great, and well informed, savings.