Find more about your Airbnb accommodation

More and more cities around the world are cracking down on Airbnbs. This is bad news for travelers who have grown accustomed to these accommodations which some prefer over hotels. Travelers save a lot of money when they chose to stay in Airbnbs. These hosting facilities have also increased the supply of accommodations available to travelers. The reason why most cities are tightening up laws surrounding Airbnbs is due to the effects they are having on the local communities.

A rise in the number of these establishments has left locals with limited, high costly housing options. Authorities are therefore doing everything they can to curb the conversion of long-term rental facilities into short-term ones which target tourists. Also, they’re keen on getting as much revenue from this business, just like they do from traditional hotels.

Find more about your Airbnb accommodation

In light of this, it’s become more necessary now to check facts about a place that you may be wanting to rent on Airbnb. Hosts are increasingly being required to meet certain requirements before they can rent out any property. Checking that your host’s listing is legal might just save you a lot of headache during your trip. The first thing to remember is that just because the place is listed on the site, that doesn’t mean it has met all the requirements.

To protect your own interests, you will have to do your homework and research local laws. Cities such as New York, Paris, Amsterdam, Mallorca, Barcelona and Los Angeles are some of those with strict restrictions over Airbnbs. Most of these cities get an influx of tourists each year, numbers that overwhelm their local populations. So, before you make that booking, seek information concerning all the regulations in your destination. That done, you should then ask your potential host of legal documents that show that they have adhered to all the requirements.

In Los Angeles, for instance, hosts can only rent out their primary residences for a total of 120 days in a year. They also require to pay an annual registration fee to be allowed to operate. Hosts in Amsterdam are facing even more stricter rules. They can only rent an entire house or apartment to travelers for a total of 30 nights a year. Amsterdam has been trying a lot of initiatives to cut down on the overwhelming tourist numbers, and this is just one of them. Hosts who rent out a room in the same residence where they’re staying however get more flexible terms. Note also that in Amsterdam, a group of more than four grown ups cannot stay in the same place.

Find more about your Airbnb accommodation

New York City has legalized renting out an apartment for less than 30 days. This makes getting an Airbnb to stay at very difficult for most travelers. You can go for private rooms in family residences, but then again those are not exactly easy to come by in New York City.

A crackdown on an illegal rental may not get you in trouble with local authorities, but it will definitely ruin your vacation. Take a few minutes to do your research so that when you check into someone’s place, you know that everything will run smoothly.