How to be more environmentally-friendly when you travel

More and more people are talking about the environment and even making some lifestyle changes in order to help reduce waste and pollution. However, there are some activities where it can seem very difficult to avoid, such as traveling. The travel and tourism industry is booming, with more and more people deciding they want to see the world, and why not? While home may seem small, the world is vast, and with many wonders only a journey away, it’s no wonder people want to be awe-inspired. So, how do we protect the environment and discover the world?

Pack light

The lighter you pack, the better it is on the environment. Not only are you limiting how much you can carry, and how much waste you produce, you are contributing far less weight to the vehicle, whether it’s via airplane or bus. The lighter the load, the fewer the carbon emissions, the lesser the carbon footprint. The heavier the load, the harder the vehicle has to work, and so it will use more fuel. If everyone were to follow this rule, then this would start to make a big difference.

How to be more environmentally-friendly when you travel

Reusable items

When going traveling, it can be so tempting to purchase things without much thought to where it goes next. Using a reusable water bottle will significantly reduce the plastic you use, if you were to buy a water bottle every time you finished your previous drink, then you would be wasting a lot. The same can be applied to pretty much anything you can get an alternative for, such as shopping bags, etc.

Alternative methods of travel

This may depend on where you’re going, but many people just look for the easiest and quickest mode of transport when they go on holiday. It’s highly advisable to stick to buses, they can be cheap and cheerful, but they’re so much better than going by car or flying. Practically any mode of public transport is preferable to a single vehicle, and the differences are enormous. According to some sources, carbon emissions can even be reduced by a whopping 55% or more, which makes all the difference if you’re being more environmentally friendly.

Everything green

Going ‘green’ has become more and more popular, with people even suggesting that going to greener areas, quite literally, are better for the environment. However, it’s not just about where we go in the world; it’s also about where we choose to stay. There are now hotels that have gone sustainable or ‘green,’ which means their whole focus is on the environment. They’ll utilize renewable energies and make sure that practically nothing gets wasted. Supporting these places would make a huge difference in the long run; every action has a consequence so let’s make it a positive one.

How to be more environmentally-friendly when you travel

Local food

While it might be super tempting going to McDonald’s while traveling through Singapore, it’s not going to help the environment at all. If you support the local food businesses and markets, then this will be far more natural and environmentally friendly.

Living more naturally and supporting the environment can be easy if you know where to look. Hopefully, these tips have helped you decide how you’re going to travel on your next adventure.