What to bring along and what to leave behind while traveling

Whether it’s a long haul or a short trip, there are always items we’re tempted to bring but really should leave at home. On the flip side, there are some really beneficial and handy items everyone should take but never think of. Deciding what you absolutely can’t be without when packing for your trip can be tricky, but you should evaluate your items critically and ascertain exactly how valuable they will be to you when you’re on the road.

What to bring along and what to leave behind while traveling

What to bring along

Necessary items to remember will be items such as clothes, shoes, phone charger, personal medications and so on. However you probably have those obvious items listed down somewhere, but what about the more practical, but forgotten items? Sometimes we overlook some really helpful items just because we haven’t assessed the practical application yet.

A few practical, but strange items

An empty bottle will come in more handy than you might initially think, if you’re traveling via airplane then you cannot take a specific volume of liquid through the gates. However, nothing is stopping you from taking an empty bottle to fill it up at the other side without having to pay extortionate amounts. You might also find it useful to take a plastic bag or a couple of trash bags. You never know when it might come in handy, but they can come in useful for a variety of things; one example is using those bags to separate your dirty laundry from your clean items by putting the dirty laundry in the black sack.

Two absolute-musts

Other essentials include a light waterproof jacket so that you’re prepared for when it rains without taking up too much space, and a light quick-dry microfiber towel which packs up super small and adds very little weight, but you’ll be prepared!

What to leave behind

It’ so tempting to want to pack anything and everything. Think hard about the quantities of socks you really need, before deciding to put half your entire sock drawer back. Of course, one of the simplest rules to work with is never to take anything too large, heavy or personal. If it means the world to you, then to minimize your chances of losing it forever, it might be best left at home.

What to bring along and what to leave behind while traveling


Instead of bringing your entire home library, you might be better suited to choosing one book or substituting all your reading material for a Kindle; where you can access practically any book without taking up any more space. A kindle is much smaller than your average book too. Travel-sized items work wonders, so rather than bringing your electric toothbrush, bring a foldable travel brush instead, sorted! Leave behind any large gadgets, you don’t need to bring a hairdryer with you as many places will have one around to use, but the best part about hair is that it dries on its own!

Be careful when you’re considering what to take with you on your travels, you don’t want something unnecessary taking up space for something you might very well need. Consider all the possibilities, but don’t pack too heavily. Your favorite items should be multi-purpose and lightweight.