Best tips for traveling alone

Whether you haven’t found the right person to go with or you simply want to experience your own personal sense of achievement, traveling alone can be a fantastic thing for you to do – even for the rookiest of travelers.

If you want to make the big leap and dare to venture out into the big wide world on your own, here are some of the best tips we can give you to ensure you make the most of it and have the best time possible!

Learn to enjoy your own company

If you don’t want the company of family and friends on your travels, then you must learn to enjoy spending time on your own. For some, a bit of peace and quiet can be hugely therapeutic, but for others, it’s mind-numbingly boring. So it’s vital you know beforehand you can mentally deal with and enjoy some long-term alone time.

Best tips for traveling alone

Find your people

Just because you decide to book the flight on your own, it doesn’t mean you can’t meet fellow travelers along the way to share some experiences. Befriending travelers is a great way to find out new opportunities, so always be open to getting to know the person sitting on the other end of the bar. The apps Backpackr or Gaffl can also be your best friend, providing you with an online platform to meet other travelers around you looking to do and see the same things.

Be an early-riser

Don’t waste any of your precious time. Get up nice and early to start the day the right way, allowing you to enjoy a spot of breakfast and make the most of the day ahead of you. Getting up early can also allow you to avoid the crowds if you’re visiting a hotspot or landmark, so set that alarm and head out to watch the sunrise.

Put safety first

If you’re traveling solo, always put safety first. Be mindful of the environment you are in, no matter how safe you may feel. Take care when you’re in big cities at night, be sensible when out drinking, and be aware of the local scams that can try and take advantage of you. It’s always a good idea to prepare for the worst too – so make an emergency contact list and send your itinerary to loved ones back home.

Don’t say yes to everything

If you’re visiting a major travelers hotspot, then the chances are you will encounter locals trying to exploit you and the money you have to spend there. So make sure you know what you’re paying for and learn to say no when you want to. This is your experience and yours only, so don’t follow the crowds and only pay for what you genuinely want to spend your time and money doing.

Best tips for traveling alone

Make the most of wifi

We hate to break it to you, but you’ll likely feel a little homesick at some point or another. So when this feeling comes, make sure you’re prepared to battle through. It’s always a good idea to catch up with friends and family back home when you can. So whenever you get hold of some free wifi, send a little text or make a call to check in at home.

So you’re thinking of traveling alone? It’s a big step for anyone – no one can deny solo traveling can be a rather daunting challenge, but in the long run, it can do you, your confidence and your happiness the world of good.