5 best destinations for vegetarians and vegans

There are several factors to consider when choosing a travel destination. Some globe-trotters seek luxury relaxation, others yearn for outdoor adventure, and some just fancy seeing animals in the wild. Your motive aside; everyone must eat when they visit any given destination.

Some travelers have dietary restrictions, whether allergic to some dishes or otherwise, and only consume vegan dishes like a fresh baguette or steamed rice among others. Culinary restrictions can significantly damper your vacation. So, if you are a vegetarian or vegan, we’ve compiled the best destinations for vegetarians like you.

5 best destinations for vegetarians and vegans

1. Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv is akin to the world’s vegan capital. The city hosted the 5th annual vegan congress in 2018 and has a booming vegan scene that’ll thrill every plant-based enthusiast out there.

One of the must-visit eateries in Tel Aviv is Sultana. The vegan chief Harel Zakaim opened this eatery, which acts as a vegan imitation of lamb shawarma crafted from the forest mushrooms. The shawarma serves many components including pickled veggies, tahini sauce, amba, and salad among others.

2. Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking relaxation and wellness with a belly filled with plant-based goodies. This island not only has a range of tropical fruits like pineapple, papaya, coconut, and mango in abundance but also boasts plenty of plant-based eateries that’ll impress any vegan.

You can visit Sage restaurant in Ubud and enjoy a variety of smoothie bowls, wraps, pancakes, and cakes among others. Also, you can visit Sayuri’s Healing Food Caf whose community of creative peacemakers contribute to a better world in different ways.

For those opting to visit Seminyak, you get to experience what Zula has in store for vegans. This vegan destination offers an organic plant-based menu, such as burritos, seitan meatball Bolognese, and sushi among others.

3. Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow is one of the most popular vegan-hungry cities in the United Kingdom. Glasgow offers much more than historic museums, cathedrals, and incredible architecture.

The Serenity Now vegan eatery in Glasgow gives you a rare opportunity to sample out and experience a true taste of the local culture. Recently, this vegan eatery opened Irn-Bru baked jackfruit sandwiches.

5 best destinations for vegetarians and vegans

If you fancy raw plant-based food, you’ve also been covered. You can consider visiting the city’s leading raw vegan dessert shop called Ranchy. This eatery specializes in organic, refined sugar-free, gluten-free, and naturally sweetened treats.

4. Jamaica

Jamaica is a Caribbean island that not only offers a wealth history of Bob Marley but also a variety of traditional, plant-based diet. The Rasta community values traditional vegan dishes more than bright white sands.

Great vegan destinations like Ocho Rios and Kingston have what is commonly known as Mi Hungry Whol’-Some-Food. This is a highly-packed vegan eatery offering raw vegan meals like pizza, patties (here they’re called happies), burgers, pieces, and fresh juices.

5. New York, USA

There are several eateries in New York that offer vegan and vegetarian dishes. About 4.9% of restaurants at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport Terminal offer plant-based meals you can never miss out.

Marty’s V Burger, an acclaimed vegan burger joint, is the ultimate location where you can sample out classic hamburgers at affordable prices. There’s also a fair share of plant-based classic-dinner offerings in Brooklyn. For instance, Champs Diner has filling brekkies that include the French Toast Slam served with soy sausage, tofu scramble, hash browns, and tempeh bacon.