the world’s best cruising regions

If you’ve ever been on a cruise, you’ll know that it’s unlike any other vacation you’ve probably ever been on. Despite the fact that modern cruise liners can carry thousands of people at a time, there’s something so serene and magical about floating in the middle of the ocean and waking up in a new destination every single day. Of course, with so much water to traverse on this planet, it can be hard for cruisers to decide where in the world they want to embark on their adventure. Well, these are the world’s best cruising regions.

The Caribbean

Looking to top up your tan and embrace new cultures? Well, it sounds like the Caribbean should be your next cruising destination. Home to countless islands and countries, this region is full to the brim with boiling hot cruise ports that are ready to welcome you. It may be that you head to Cuba to check out the old city of Havana, you could snorkel in the Bahamas, and you could even drink a few of the specialty drinks in Jamaica. What more could you really want? We think it’s time to add the Caribbean to your bucket list right away.

the world’s best cruising regions

Baltic and Norwegian Coast

Many people go on vacation to experience the sun in their eyes and the heat on their skin, but if you’re not too fussed about that, then we have a feeling that the Baltic and Norwegian Coast will make you fall in love. There’s nothing more magical than making your way through the Norwegian fjords with the green, snow-capped mountains either side of you, and that’s before you even begin to experience the delights of Stockholm, Copenhagen, Russia, and so much more. While you might have to apply for a visa to check out St. Petersburg, it’s totally worth it.

The Mediterranean

If you’re looking to fall in love with culture, food, and some of the most spectacular views you have ever seen in your life, then a cruise around the Mediterranean will be right up your street. That’s because a cruise around this area will give you the chance to check out the likes of the Greek Islands, the South of France, and the Spanish Coast. This huge expanse offers everything from vineyards, to gorgeous beaches, and cobbled streets that will show you that the world is one of the most beautiful things you have ever seen.

the world’s best cruising regions

Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand are almost always clumped together on cruising itineraries, and this works wonders for those who want to see the best bits in a short amount of time. By making your way Down Under and embarking on a cruise that takes you from the Great Barrier Reef to Akaroa, you can see everything that you need to in one trip. The best bit? These cruises always stop off in some of the most stunning destinations, and you probably won’t even believe that they are real. After all, how can Whitehaven Beach be a real place?! It’s just too perfect.

If you’re looking to go on a cruise, but you don’t quite know where to choose as your chosen region, then why not take your pick from these wonderful destinations? They all have something different to offer, and they’re all pretty awesome.