Cities with the best geek culture

Geek culture is continually getting popular, and cities around the world are meeting the needs of enthusiastic geeks. Some of those with the best Geek culture are:

Austin, Texas

What makes Austin, Texas one of the cities with the best geek culture are the numerous festivals that fill its calendar, promoting SXSW, Eeyore’s Birthday, Austin City Limits and a host of other quirky, indie and offbeat things. Comic book enthusiasts and gamers can feel at home at Dragon’s Lair Comics and Fantasy, the city’s one stop shop for role playing games, graphic novels, comics and Dungeons & Dragons meet-up.

Tokyo, Japan

Technology and anime culture makes Tokyo the ultimate geek paradise. One neighborhood where you can find everything geeky from electronic and video game stores, cosplay and manga is Akihabara center. Mega tech centers found in the city include a Lego Park and the Toyota Mega Web. Then there’s the man-made island known as Odaiba Island in Tokyo Bay. With everything that’s there to discover in Tokyo, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Geeks and nerds would definitely feel at home in Tokyo.

Cities with the best geek culture


The oldest comic book store in the United States, Golden Age Comics, is found in Washington at the Pike Place Market. If this does not tell the city’s long history with geek culture, nothing will. The store has been operational since 1971, providing the local community with comics, games, manga and toys. Wayward Coffee found in the Roosevelt neighborhood is where community groups consisting of writers, coders, gamers and knitters meet regularly.
The city even has a Museum of Pop Culture. Found next to the Space needle, this complex holds exhibitions of fantasy films, rock music and portrayal of aliens over the years. It’s impossible for a geek to run out of exciting places to visit and things to see in Washington.

Sacramento, California

In Sacramento, geeks enjoy weekly game nights at stores such as the Big Brother Comics. This is made livelier by the presence of students from Sacramento State and close by UC Davis. Another favorite shop is Empire’s Comics Vault, where community events such as art showcases, live music and cookie bakes are hosted. More than 20,000 fans flock into Sacramento annually for the Wizard World Comic Con.

Portland, Oregon

Portland is a city with a unique way of doing things that keeps it more geeky than others. Here, you’ll find locals tethering plastic toys to antique metal rings which were used for horses in the 19th century. This is used as a reminder of the city’s past, and is referred to as the Horse Project.

Cities with the best geek culture


London is a pop culture geek’s paradise. To start off, London has had many popular TV shows and movies filmed in its locations, such as Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes. The castles to be found in the London countryside hold endless interest for cultural geeks too. The London Science Museum makes it a city suitable for science geeks. It has an interactive gallery, an exhibit which illustrates the progress of technological innovation from 1750 to 2000, and an Exploring Space exhibit.