Best day-trips you can take from Paris

When we think about Paris, we think about love, good food, and style. But there is so much more that this great city has to offer. A rich cultural history and almost an entire population devoted to art makes Paris an incredibly diverse place to visit. Even better, though, is what can be found just outside the bustling city streets. What awaits just outside the Ville de Paris? Keep reading to discover the best day-trips that Paris has to offer.

Best day-trips you can take from Paris

Disneyland Paris

Traveling with kids? Then Disneyland Paris is a must-see! Mickey Mouse and his friends await at only 25 miles from the city. The park contains 343 specialized rides and roller coasters with a massive variety of other fun things to do like going to the cinema and shopping. No need to worry about packing lunch either. There is a vast array of restaurants and kiosks to choose from with plenty to eat. Let the kids go wild as they meet and greet with their favorite Disney characters.


Step away from big city life and take in some of the small-town beauty that France has to offer. 120 miles from Paris is Deauville, a quaint equestrian town renowned for its racecourses, beach, and palaces. The city center has kept all of its original architecture, making this town the one to visit for a raw experience of provincial life in France. Over the years, parts of the town have kept up with the times to entertain the tourists. There is a casino and the beautiful beach has been enhanced with several gorgeous swimming pools.


located 118 miles away from Paris, in Normandy, is Honfleur. This picturesque marine side city is a buzzing hub for art lovers and architectural enthusiasts alike. With its slate-covered and half-timber houses, ancient cobblestone streets, and perfectly preserved museums, Honfleur is the perfect place to visit for a rich and leisurely stroll. Be sure to climb the Côte de Grâce for a full panoramic view of the Normandy coastline.


Feel like a king and take a trip to Versailles, the City of the Royals. The city is located a mere 14 miles from Paris and boasts a wide range of monuments to view. It gained popularity in the 17th century when King Louis XVII built a hunting lodge there. Since then it was used as a holiday home for French royalty. There is a castle, statues, and the most incredibly manicured gardens to walk through and explore.

Best day-trips you can take from Paris


Come and visit the city where Joan of Arc famously saved the people from English siege in 1429. The ultimate place to visit for history and nature lovers. Orléans is placed at only 84 miles from Paris and contains at least eight museums and several public gardens that are brimming with life. It is also known to be one of the most dynamic cities in France and is home to several forms of modern transportation.

While the Louvre Museum, the Eiffel Tower, and Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris are all undeniably what must be seen in Paris, we would be seriously missing out on some of the real treasures that France has to offer if we don’t broaden the scope and venture outside of the city.