5 things to do in Madrid

Madrid is a cultural capital of the world, and it’s not exactly hard to see why. The city is bursting with incredible architecture, world-class art, and a thriving nightlife, all of which are easily at hand for any traveller looking to experience them.

1. See a flamenco show

Although Flamenco did not originate in Madrid, the city is undoubtedly a centre for the art form. Over the years numerous different Tablaos, theatres, and dance halls were set-up for flamenco shows, so tourists need only take their pick when looking for a show. Two popular venues are Villa Rosa – one of the oldest flamenco bars in spain – and Corral de la Moreria – thought to be the most famous Flamenco venue in the world, and which has been visited by actors, artists, and even presidents.

2. Take in the architecture

Madrid is covered with splendid architecture, and we’d be here all day if we tried to list even half of the stunning landmarks than can be viewed around the city. One of the obvious choices is the Royal palace, a beautiful mix of neo-classical and baroque architecture built in the 1700s. There’s also the Templo de Debod, an Egyptian temple that was dismantled and rebuilt in Madrid, Almudena Cathedral, which was only finished in 1993, and the Plaza Mayor. The Plaza de Cibeles, a square containing the Cybele palace and numerous gorgeous sculptures, is a major landmark and has become a significant monument of the city for its citizens.

5 things to do in Madrid

3. See the art museums

As well as incredible architecture, Madrid is also home to a collection of fantastic art museums. The most famous of these are the museums that comprise the “Golden Triangle of Art”. Located on the Paseo Del Prado, the Prado Museum, the Reina Sofia Museum, and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum are thought to possess some of the greatest collections of european art in the world, and the greatest collection of Spanish art bar-none. In addition, although not strictly art museums, the National Archeological Museum and National Library are historical and cultural institutions that are absolutely worth visiting.

4 . Go to a rooftop bar

Madrid’s rooftop bars are a must for anyone who wants to experience an authentic and lively evening in the city. If you’ve spent a long day trekking around and want to relax, where better than a rooftop bar to have a cold drink and wind down? There are numerous rooftop venues across Madrid, any of which would be a perfect place to bask in the breeze, take in a beautiful vista of the city, and absorb the hubbub of passersby and fellow patrons.

5 things to do in Madrid

5. Relax in El Retiro

El retiro is a park in Madrid and, as the name suggests, the perfect place to go if you’re a little tired after sightseeing, and need a relaxing place to take a load off. Originally built in the 16th century and opened to the public in the 19th century, El Retiro has a variety of features for visitors to see while they unwind. As well as several different kinds of garden, the park has the Palacio de Cristal, an exhibition centre which now contains art galleries, and even a path lined with sculptures of former Spanish Kings.

All-in-all, Madrid is full of ways for people to enjoy themselves. A person could spend the day taking in architecture and art, then head out to see flamenco artists put on dazzling performances, or enjoy a more subdued evening in a picturesque rooftop bar. Regardless of what someone chooses, Madrid is guaranteed to show them a good time.