The world’s best cities for biking

Jumping on a bicycle and getting around your city is fast becoming the go-to way to commute. It allows you to pass by any of those frustrating traffic jams that can be the worst possible start to your day, plus it benefits your health. More and more cities are doing everything they can to be bicycle-friendly, but others have been bike-conscious for a long time already. These are the best cities in the world for biking.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

In many ways, Amsterdam in the Netherlands is the spiritual home of city cycling. The majority of the roads have been designed to give cyclists quick and safe routes through the city without having to worry about being hit by any vehicles. That has helped to create a biking culture that’s hard to rival in any city all over the world.

The world’s best cities for biking

Basically everyone who lives in Amsterdam cycles, and there are estimated to be more bicycles in the city than there are people. The flat streets ensure that even the most inexperienced cyclist can get around the city with relative ease and fit right into the culture with minimal effort.

Strasbourg, France

France, like the Netherlands, is known for its biking culture and one of the most dedicated cities to cycling in the country is Strasbourg. The city is not too big, which means it’s nice and easy to cover it quickly by bicycle. If you take a wrong turn it won’t feel so bad as you just get to explore a part of the city you weren’t expecting to.

As Strasbourg is so small, it’ll only be a matter of seconds before you end up back on track again anyway. The best thing about cycling in Strasbourg are the views, and it’s an ideal spot for anyone looking to partake in a cycling vacation.

Tokyo, Japan

There are so many bikes in Tokyo, and considering how dense the city is, the biking routes are quite impressive. As the city is so large, one of the best ways to take in the sprawling metropolis is by bike as you can cover way more ground than on foot. There are plenty of places to park your bicycle on the streets, and it beats taking the subway and missing all of the amazing activity going on above ground.

The world’s best cities for biking

Portland, USA

Portland, Oregon, is fast becoming the home for cycling in the USA. European cities are probably the best for biking, but Portland is doing its best to catch up to the competition. Each year improvements are made to the cycle routes all over the city and slowly but surely it is becoming a safe place to bike. It’s super easy to rent a bike in Portland, so there’s no excuse for missing out on biking through this amazing city and taking in the sites.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Although Amsterdam is where most people think of as the cycling capital of the world, it probably should be Copenhagen instead. The Danish city is considered the most bike-friendly city in the world, and it’s thought that over 50 percent of people living there commute to work by bicycle.

Kids often learn how to ride a bike before they even go to school; that’s how seriously cycling is taken in Copenhagen. The designated bike lanes provide safe passage for all cyclists, and it really is the best way to explore this city.

Cycling in cities is more popular than ever as local authorities try to encourage people to get on their bikes instead of adding pollution to the air in their cars. These cities are perfect for cycling through and are must-visit places for anyone keen to take a cycling vacation.