Top 6 ski destinations in Europe

Ah, skiing. There’s nothing quite like whizzing down the slopes and the adrenaline rush that comes from the sport. Perhaps you prefer the more paced out and relaxed option before heading off to the après ski? Whatever the case, Europe is one of the skiing hotspots of the world thanks to the number of top ski destinations.

Grindelwald, Switzerland

If there’s one thing that many skiers look for when they head off for their next vacation, it’s reliable snow. Thankfully, Grindelwald is typically greeted with deep snow and a team of experts who know how to keep on top of it all. Grindelwald is at the center of the action as the resorts in the area have become famous around the world for their longer runs. Plus, it only takes a short journey before you find yourself in one of the quaint local Alpine villages.

Top 6 ski destinations in Europe

Chamonix, France

This is one of the most famous ski destinations in Europe, and there’s a good reason. The resort is set on Mont Blanc that stands at almost 16,000 feet tall. That’s not all. The height of the mountain and the surrounding glaciers means that Chamonix holds onto its snow a lot longer than other ski destinations. It must be great. Chamonix was even the first location of the Winter Olympics!

Zugspitze, Germany

Zugspitze is the highest mountain in Germany and has become a popular ski destination for people from across the world. If you make it to the summit, then skiers are greeted with a 360-degree view of the surroundings in a way like no other. In fact, making it to the top of the mountain usually means people are higher than the clouds. As if the views weren’t enough, there are also plenty of long runs for people who enjoy keeping on the go.

Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy

Not only is this ski destination set in a beautiful town, but it’s almost as though it was made for skiing all along. The mountains offer up some impressive terrain for people of all levels. Plus, it was once the home of the Winter Olympics, meaning there are plenty of more challenging runs. If you prefer to sit on the sidelines, then there are plenty of chic stores to keep busy.

Kitzbühel, Austria

The town of Kitzbühel is thought to be one of the most romantic in the world. After all, it has colorful buildings, deluxe hotels, and even a selection of designer stores. There is an annual downhill race here every year that has been named the most challenging in the world thanks to the 85% vertical points along the way. Have no fear; there are designated areas for people who want to go freestyle, so you aren’t in any danger.

Top 6 ski destinations in Europe

Three Valleys, France

Three Valleys is made up of three ski resorts in the area. Here, they form the largest ski hotspot in all of Europe. There are 10 summits at various levels as well as areas for people of all abilities. The flatter and broader runs are perfect for beginners, while there are also a host of off-piste routes and mogul-studded paths along the way.

Europe is one of the best places to head skiing in the world. The best bit? There are so many ski resorts that it seems as though we’ll never be short of choice. They are all catered to people of varying levels and are fully prepared for the après ski scene. Could life get any better?