Top 5 filming locations you can travel to

Do you know about the most popular sites for film crews around the world? There are some destinations that are active filming locations year round. Those who visit these global cities benefit from excellent services of local film production, scenic landscapes, and the overall beauty of the area. If you are looking for a multipurpose location for a movie, here are five top filming locations you can travel to.

Seville, Spain

A whole bunch of films were shot in Seville, Spain, including some you may not expect. The beauty of the city and the elaborate architecture make it the perfect location. In fact, parts of Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones and most of season five of hit television series Game of Thrones were filmed there. This is in addition to the epic film Lawrence of Arabia, which was shot in Seville back in 1962, kickstarting Seville’s fame as a film location.

Top 5 filming locations you can travel to

South Africa

South Africa has doubled as many other countries over the years, in part thanks to its varied landscapes and overall beauty. In the film Blood Diamond, nominated for an Oscar in 2006, locations in South Africa were used as the backdrop for areas devastated by the war in Sierra Leone. Hotel Rwanda was also shot in Gauteng and Johannesburg in 2004, instead of filming in the harsh political climate of the actual country where the story takes place. A different side of South Africa is used in the children’s film Racing Stripes, where the green hills and fields around Pietermaritzburg pave the way for a fascinating story.


The famous sci-fi franchise Star Wars got its start with scenes filmed in Guatemala. While much of the film was shot on set in California, the impressive scenery of the Mayan ruins in Tikal, Guatemala, were used as the scene of the fourth moon of Yavin shown toward the end of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.

Los Angeles

Of course, many prime filming locations are scattered around the city of Los Angeles, California. A visit to Los Angeles will reveal several sites around the city that you recognize from the movies. It makes sense, since LA is the hub of the film industry and the home of Hollywood. Many movies are filmed in LA every single year, and you often come across film crews hard at work on the streets of the city. There are also a number of studios which you can visit to see where movies are made.


The James Bond films provide some of the best entertainment there is, with MI6’s favorite secret agent saving the world time and time again. Both Die Another Day and A View to Kill were filmed in part in the incredible Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon, and there is also a frenetic car chase through the frozen lake. The opening scene of Tomb Raider was filmed there as well.

Top 5 filming locations you can travel to


Mauritius enjoys a prosperous economy with a bilingual population and modern urban facilities. While it still hasn’t quite made it onto the Hollywood radar, a large number of Bollywood films are shot there. If you need a modern, urban location with stylish architecture, alongside bustling markets and great views, you can certainly find it here.