The most exciting adventure getaways

For some, going on vacation isn’t all about kicking back and relaxing, they want to have some real fun. That means taking a trip to an adventure hotspot to get the blood pumping. If you want your vacation to come with a huge scoop of adrenaline, then you’ll need to check out these top adventure getaways.

Scale Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa, but the adventurer in you will love getting to the top of this peak. With several routes to the summit, there is something for everyone as the climb is challenging but not technical. The only thing you’ll need to get to the top is determination, and a good pair of walking boots! Your reward is a stunning view overlooking Kenya.

The most exciting adventure getaways

Snorkeling with sea turtles – Akumal Bay, Mexico

If you like to dip your toes in the water on vacation, then this adventure getaway is for you. The location couldn’t be any better thanks to the white sandy beaches and tropical palm trees, but it’s in the water where the main attraction is. Green sea turtles love to come to the Akumal Bay to feast on the grass along the sea bed.

That gives explorers an opportunity to swim alongside these marine animals. The turtles fill the waters, and you can arrange with the nearby dive center to take you out while snapping photographs of your experience.

Find your inner wolf – Naliboki Forest, Belarus

Be sure to check out Belarus as a destination as you can unleash your primal instincts in the Naliboki Forest. Amongst the thick woodland are some of the most fascinating creatures, and if you’re fortunate you might be able to hunt down a wolf. You join local naturalist guides who lead you through their forest in the search for some of Belarus’ native wildlife. Make sure to bring your camera!

Safari in India

What could be more thrilling than following one of nature’s most elusive predators, a tiger? Tours can be done on elephant back, or if you’re feeling exceptionally brave, on foot. You can put yourself in a real-life Jungle Book situation and look for the mysterious Shere Khan. There is a host of wildlife waiting to be discovered in India, with places like Tadoba, Satpura, and Pench being some of the lesser-trodden paths.

The most exciting adventure getaways

Get wild and windy in Tornado Alley, USA

Put yourself in front of a force of nature by visiting Tornado Alley. Storm chasing has become a popular pastime by those looking for an extra bit of adrenaline in their lives. You can take a guided tour in Tornado Alley in America’s Midwest and come face to face with a twister. Tour guides drive around in vehicles with some of the best weather predicting systems to find you the perfect spot to take in one of nature’s most destructive forces.

If lying on a beach sunning yourself doesn’t cut it for your vacation plans then check out some of these places. They will be sure to get your adrenaline racing in the most exciting way possible.