Ever heard of the Andaman islands?

Many of us can probably imagine spending many hours lost to a beach with white sand and crystal clear water, right? Thankfully, it seems as though we might be about to make our dreams a reality thanks to the Ross and Smith Islands in the Andaman Islands. However, these unique pieces of land have a peculiar secret.

Plenty to do

The Ross and Smith Islands, or the Twin Islands as they are otherwise known, are two islands in the Bay of Bengal and help to make up the Andaman Islands. Although there are 572 islands in the area, it’s these two that have often stood out from the crowd. The sea is so clear that visitors can even see the shadow of the water – making it an excellent place for anyone looking to do some snorkeling. There are also many boat rides and walks along the islands that can dominate most of the day, but there is one that no one will want to miss.

Explore the Andaman Islands of India

A special connection

Amazingly, both these islands are connected by a unique sand bridge. That’s right; the Twin Islands become one but only at certain times of the day. The low tides mean the bridge is completely exposed and is strong enough for visitors to walk between the two islands. However, the high tides mean the pathway is entirely engulfed by the water and visitors will be trapped on an island – or left floating in the sea if they only made it halfway across the walkway.

Escaping from reality

As if a natural bridge between the two islands wasn’t enough already, it seems as though this little slice of paradise could be about to get even better. Yup, the area is usually pretty quiet as tourists tend to stay away meaning you could be about to enjoy your own little slice of heaven. There are no restaurants in sight meaning you have to be prepared for your adventure, but the sea is the limit as you can swim out into the incredible crispness of this paradise.

The incredible surroundings

There is so much to see in the area that it can be pretty tough to know where to begin. As well as all the other islands across the water, there is also a national park that can see visitors hike through the incredible mass of forests that have come to life on the islands. Once at the top, there is a lighthouse that stands proudly amongst the scenery while taking in the breathtaking views that lie in wait at the top. Whoever knew that such beautiful places could actually exist?

Explore the Andaman Islands of India

White sand beaches? Check. Crystal clear blue seas? Check. A natural sand bridge that emerges from the sea? Check. There really is so much to see and do on the Ross and Smith Islands with the hidden path breaking out the top of the water being one of the most incredible sights in the world. Yes, there really are some fascinating hidden gems tucked away on planet Earth.