Inside the beautiful Salt of Palmar luxury hotel in Mauritius

Mauritius might seem like a mythical land to mand, but island really does exist – and is known for its incredible beaches, lagoons, and reefs on offer. However, there is a new hotel that is about to take the country by storm. It’s time to take a look inside the beautiful Salt of Palmar luxury hotel.

The bright interior

Of course, one of the first things that will grab many visitors’ attention are the bright colors used just about everywhere in the Salt of Palmar hotel. As well as being welcoming and warming, there is a reason there are so many unique pieces in this hotel: they are all made from local artisans! To top it off, the crockery in the restaurant has all been handmade while the baskets in the rooms are all produced from recycled plastic.

Inside the beautiful Salt of Palmar luxury hotel in Mauritius

A unique experience

One of the many aspects that comes with the Salt hotel is the app. Sure, this might sound great for anyone wanting to avoid all human contact, but the app is designed to get us talking to one another. Guests and staff at the hotel can all come together to make tailor-made programmes for every one of their guests as they share their knowledge of activities on offer in the surrounding area.

Designed to leave

This might sound strange, but the Salt of Palmar hotel isn’t designed for guests to stay at the pool or spend all their money at the bar. In fact, the staff all want their visitors to spend as much time away from the hotel as possible. While many hotels have activities or reps trying to keep you in the grounds, these members of staff will often share their knowledge on the places to see on the island – and might even invite a lucky guest or two to one of the local weddings!

Looking after the planet

Amazingly, the rooms are filled with just about every planet-friendly alternative you could think. The cotton bathrobes are unbleached while there is a reusable water bottle in every room. The shower caps are made from corn starch before being wrapped in limestone dust paper, and even the yoga mats are made from recycled rubber! It seems as though there is no stone that has been left unturned in this luxurious hotel.

Inside the beautiful Salt of Palmar luxury hotel in Mauritius

Plenty to read

Thankfully, there is still plenty to keep you entertained by the swimming pool. The lap pool is the perfect size for anyone looking to cool off from the heat, and there is a nearby library filled with more than 200 books all written by authors in the local area. As if that wasn’t enough, guests can even make use of the spa where there’s a handful of scrubs and massages to choose from.

While many of us have only ever dreamed of paradise, it seems as though we could be about to make our wishes a reality thanks to the little slice of heaven that is the Salt of Palmar luxury hotel – the destination with a difference.