What to eat while visiting Rome

Rome is the home to many things; it is a city filled with wonder, adventure, and a whole lotta history. There are so many reasons to go and visit this mysterious city. Whether you’re intrigued by the halls of the Vatican, the nearly 2000-year-old Colosseum, or even the intricate detail of the Trevi fountain, there is always something that draws people to this ancient city. However, you’ve probably heard the saying ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do.’ Of course, this isn’t quite possible in a literal sense, but when it comes to food, there are some delicious meals you need to have while you’re in this glorious city.

What to eat while visiting Rome


Lasagna is a popular dish anyway, but tasting it from its homeland makes all the difference. If you think you know lasagna, think again. It always tastes different when you try the real deal because it is usually modified in some way to make it cheaper and easier back home. Many Italian dishes are popular because of their simplicity and ease; however, when made properly, they’re far richer in flavor than you realized.



Depending on what time of year you go, the weather may be absolutely sweltering, and you’ll find yourself needing some cool refreshments. Well, there’s nothing better than some authentic Italian gelato, and they come in so many flavors. They make it from scratch and only from the best local ingredients, with some amazingly creative flavors you never knew existed. The only downside is that, when you go back home, nothing will compare, and you’ll be too far away to hop down the road and grab some. However, that is a small price to pay for such a fantastic experience.


When you go to a city, it’s all about the street food, taking it in as it was meant to be. No fancy plates, no silver spoons, just delicious food. This is a gorgeous mixture of cheese and deep fried rice wrapped up into an amazing ball of heaven. They come in a variety of flavors, some might have mushrooms, and others might have more of a tomato base. These might not look like anything special, but they’re deceiving. Remember, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.


Because passing the opportunity to try pizza from the homeland of this wonderful creation should probably be a criminal offense, so make it a top priority, or you will seriously regret your decision not to. While we’re pretty sure there are some fantastic pizzas back home, you might as well have some proper Italian pizza in the capital. At the very least so you can say you’ve done it.

What to eat while visiting Rome

Spaghetti carbonara

Another home favorite, that is an absolute must while you’re in Rome. It can be made in a variety of ways, but the Italians know what’s best. Some make it with a few simple ingredients, like egg and cheese. Others prefer to fill it with cream and cheese instead. Either way, this creamy dish will be melting in your mouth within minutes.

Luckily, Rome is a large city which means you’ll be working out just walking around, making room for the next delicious Italian dish or snack. Many travelers would recommend trying the food outlets that are a little further away from the center as it is catered more for the locals than tourists, and you’ll get the true taste for authenticity here.